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Social media is an essential marketing tool. However, New York companies serve a diverse audience on social media and it can be difficult to appeal to the large pool of potential consumers in this city.

If you want to reach the right customers, it’s important to give your social media accounts a local feel and truly engage with your NYC community. We asked a panel of Forbes New York Business Council members how to optimize your social accounts for a New York audience. Their best answers are below.

Members share tips for localizing social media content for a NY audience.

Photos courtesy of the individual members

1. Conduct Video Interviews

To add value from my own insights and people in my network, I ran a 10-part video series called Conversations With People Smarter Than Me. Each episode was an unscripted conversation with another entrepreneur or fascinating professional about what drives them, what lessons they have learned and how to apply this knowledge in your own role. We then used social to continue the conversation! — Ludovic HurauxShapr

2. Geotarget Your Audience

It is important to find your clients where they are hanging out. Learn the groups that your clientele associates with online and meet them there. Subscribe to the groups, learn about them and provide valuable information, not as a salesperson, but as a trusted resource. When they are ready, they can call you. — James Giacopelli, Giac Capital, Inc & Giacopelli Accounting and Tax Services, LLC

3. Focus On Community Building

It’s called social media, so make sure you are really social! One big mistake is to use these platforms to just talk about your products. I find that you get the least “likes” when you only talk about your products. Try to build a community and post stuff people are interested in. When they are ready to make a purchase, they will think of you and not your competition! — Ching Au, Durabrite Lighting Solutions

4. Capture Instagrammable Moments

We live in an Instagrammable world. Try to document your best moments and show your clientele what you’re made of! Those glamour shots go a long way, whether you’re on Facebook, Snapchat or any other social media platform. Follow that up with catchy hashtags you brand as your own so you are easily accessible to the social media world. — Hoda Mahmoodzadegen, Molly’s Milk Truck and F’in Delicious Beverages

5. Leverage Current Events

Twitter has proven to be the fastest way to engage with our followers. We constantly share articles supporting paper products over plastic products. With NYC’s recent ban on Styrofoam products, we are seeing a nice increase in views. — Samuel Mikail, SM Group Holdings Corporation

6. Celebrate Your Customers

We love sharing day-in-the-life experiences and news from our existing members. By celebrating our members, we not only help their businesses, but we also shine a positive light on them. — Morris Levy, The Yard

7. Engage Friends Of Friends

I always thought we needed to target an audience outside of our network. After discussions with my most trusted source for digital advertising, I am now a believer in starting locally, in both proximity and relationship. This means targeting friends of your network because they are more likely to encounter your brand locally or through mutual contacts. — Warren H. CohnHeraldPR

8. Optimize And Engage With Linkedin

My go-to is LinkedIn. I touch thousands with one post. Join groups, follow experts, post, repost, forward and write articles. Position yourself as a thought leader. I optimize LinkedIn by hosting groups. This allows me to connect with group members in my area. I always invite group members to my local events. — Ivy AlgazyThe Ivy Network

9. Keep Up Your Momentum

LinkedIn is the main plank of our social campaigns, as we are a B2B platform aimed at senior management buyers. One thing we’ve learned is that on social media, campaigns need to be sustained with bite-sized interlinked content spread over weeks at a time. Getting noticed is easy. Getting remembered is hard. A thought-provoking one-liner every week beats one brilliant long post every quarter. — Sriram PadmanabhanCymorg Inc.

10. Show Your Personality And Company Culture

At the end of the day, people buy from people they like and trust. So, if you can show them your personal journey as well as your company journey, they will buy into you as a person and as a brand. If you or your company sounds like a lot of fun to work with, it will attract people to want to work with you. — Henry LandauFirst Health Pro

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