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Start a new side gig from your couch with these ideas.Getty

Given the recent government shutdown, the benefit of having several sources of income is apparent. A recent survey by Bankrate revealed that 44 million Americans currently have a “side hustle” — to bring in some extra cash to supplement their 9 to 5 job or their cash-poor startup work. Having extra cash to pay down debt, build up savings, or treat yourself to something currently beyond your reach can reduce the burden on your paycheck and significantly reduce anxiety and depression. So: what skills do you have and where/how can you offer them? Here are just a few ideas to get your new entrepreneurial effort going:


  1. Freelance anything

Take your skills from your day job and turn them into marketable products. Do you answer calls and take notes? Offer yourself as a virtual personal assistant. Do you oversee a number of people and a know what a GANT chart is? You can become an ad hoc project manager. Many jobs can translate into small salable skills online allowing you to build a significant business as a freelance writer, copywriter, transcriber, graphic designer and more so you can earn extra cash from your couch.

Sites like Upwork and Fiverr are excellent starting points for building up a roster of clients. UAssistMe and Zirtual hire on-demand virtual assistants on an hourly rate, and provide a set schedule and specific clients to work with based on your skills. You can also reach out to an agency that hires project-based contractors.

  1. Ebay or Etsy seller

Got a penchant for vintage furniture? Or maybe you’re more crafty/creative? Opening up an e-commerce business can fulfill your passion to produce something creative and earn some extra money. Maybe you’ve been thinking of selling your own greeting cards or making witty wood signs. If so, e-commerce site Etsy is the perfect avenue to reach new customers.

If you love visiting flea markets and spotting hidden gems, an eBay store may help you turn a hobby into cash. If you have a flare for fashion and don’t want to risk carrying inventory, a site like Printful lets you set up on demand printing on many apparel items — and you only pay if they sell. They integrate with Etsy and other e-commerce sites to make the whole operation turnkey.


  1. Babysitting/Caregiving

If you love kids and have fun playing with them, offer your babysitting services on nights and weekends through neighborhood groups, a community board or through friends and family. There are also several apps available, like Wyndy, focusing on college students and on-demand services. In some areas, sitters can make $25/hour and older experienced sitters are in high demand. Elder care is also a rapidly growing market. You can offer personal services for help with grocery shopping, meal preparation and light cleaning in retirement communities for a regular and well paying side gig that also gives back to your neighbors.

  1. Online surveys and focus groups

Got a minute and lots of opinions? Apply to agencies online to fill out surveys and join focus groups. Sites like Swagbucks and MyPoints offer paid surveys to consumers interested in spending a few minutes at a time, giving their opinions. Marketing agencies conduct online focus groups if you already buy a specific product or follow a certain lifestyle. Perhaps you’re an avid TV watcher or you love to taste-test new snacks — be sure to add yourself to the mailing lists of marketers in those life-style areas.


While many of these sites pay pennies, if you have an area of expertise or come from a valuable demographic, your time and opinions could be worth a lot more.

  1. Create e-courses or webinars

Create an e-course or webinar about a niche skill you have, from cooking to marketing. By using sites like Skillshare, you can monetize your professional skills and gain recognition for your talents.

Perhaps you’re a social media guru? Create an e-course about growing your social media following in an authentic way. All you need is a tripod and a good microphone to start filming.

  1. Sell your photos online

Take advantage of your photography background and growing library of images by selling landscapes or other non-specific imagery to stock websites, and earn your extra cash via royalties. If selling your own products is more your thing, upload your favorite images to Society6 or similar sites and offer custom phone cases, pillows, and prints of your work.


  1. AirBnB

Of course, this list would not be complete without mentioning the new phenomenon of Airbnb. If you are willing to give up that couch to a stranger, Airbnb is a great way to bring in some additional dollars, especially if your day job requires out of town travel on a regular schedule. Their current ads claim you can make up $1,000 a month, and even more if you have a nice set up in a hot location like Brooklyn Heights or downtown Boston. That said, while renting out a room in your apartment might be tempting in this new sharing economy, make sure that your landlord gives the okay. If sub-letting a portion of your space is not allowed, and you get caught, your lease could be terminated.

Any of these side hustles can become a source of significant extra money. They are not difficult to begin, are often enjoyable, and you may even find a whole new occupation out of these contacts.

January 28, 2019 at 01:28PM
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