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PDF documents are a mainstay in the business environment for the fact that they relay an accurate depiction of the original document, regardless of the program used to create (or open) it. Unfortunately, once any kind of document—technical documents, contracts, or even design mockups—has been converted to a PDF, they’re notoriously hard to edit for that very same reason. Fortunately, there’s a solution. PDFpenPro is a top-rated, powerful PDF editing software for Mac. This robust, feature-rich app helps you with all your PDF editing needs including manipulating text, performing OCR on scanned documents, and more—freeing up time and resources to enhance business core functions and explore new avenues of growth.

Productivity begins with the right tool for the right job. With PDFpenPro, not only can you draw, highlight and correct text easily without warping the original formatting, but you can also retain font and formatting when copying from PDFs, including columns. More complicated project? Export to Word (.docx), Excel (.xsls), PowerPoint (.ppt) and back. Need advanced annotation capabilities? You can view, edit, add, and extract file attachments and annotations. There’s even a feature that lets you record audio annotations so you can remember a complex change to execute later, if you need time to mull it over.

Double your productivity with batch editing. PDFpenPro offers batch OCR capabilities, which helps you OCR folders of scanned documents at once. Or, automate PDF manipulations with AppleScript and JavaScript automation. There are impressive security features too, such as password-protecting documents with 256-bit AES encryption, adding digital signatures with AATL or self-signed certificates. Not to mention, you can redact text, print a summary of notes and comments with or without the original text, create form fields automatically on non-interactive forms, autofill forms, and so much more.

If Preview is not enough, and Adobe Acrobat is too much, PDFpenPro is just right. Gain agility and efficiency by taking the frustration out of PDF editing. Free up valuable time to focus on your competitive advantage. Learn more about PDFpenPro by visiting their website here — and sign up for the free trial here today.

Add Value: Use PDFpenPro For Powerful, Mac-Based PDF Editing
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