Become a Respected, Successful Leader in 2019 With This $29 Course by Entrepreneur

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If you’re in a leadership role, or you hope to achieve one, do yourself (and your team) a favor and pick up The Executive Leadership Bundle. This bundle is jam-packed with applicable strategies, communication techniques, and knowledge about what makes a well-respected, successful leader. With seven courses and over 18 hours of instruction, you’ll be climbing the ranks in no time. Here’s what’s included:

Management: 8 Practical Ways To Motivate & Engage Your Team

Everyone is different, and what motivates one person, may have no effect on the other. This course aims to solve that, by taking you through eight effective ways to motivate and engage your team. You’ll learn how to encourage better performance, meet objectives, and close the gaps between current and desired performance.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Emotional intelligence will allow you to develop a style of leadership that helps grow other people, enhance their performance, and boost their personal satisfaction. By tapping into your emotional strengths and areas for development, you’ll be better equipped to manage conflict and difficult situations by inspiring and fostering respect.

Inclusive Leadership: Working With Equality & Diversity

Perhaps one of the most important traits for a manager to have is inclusive leadership. It’s simply to treat others fairly, based on their skills, rather than acting on biases and stereotypes. This helps foster respect in the workplace and creates a sense of equality and promotes diversity.

Managing Staff With Challenging Behavior

Every manager has to deal with challenging behavior, how you handle it makes all the difference. This course will not only teach you to identify, address and resolve challenging behavior but it also helps you develop positive norms within your team that prevent negative behavior from occurring.

The Science Of Leadership

This course examines how our brains, genetics, and prior experience influence leadership in the modern workplace. You’ll cover a series of studies and experiments and observe how their conclusions apply to your team, so you can turn those insights into concrete actions.

Leadership Skills Mastery

For those new to a leadership role, this is the perfect course to develop your skills. It covers the essentials of what makes a great leader, from building trust to communicating effectively. Learn how to develop your own identity as a leader, create an effective morning routine, and inspire others.

The Ultimate Guide to Developing Your Leadership Skills

This beginner-friendly course takes you through the seven most important leadership qualities via easily digestible lessons and daily exercises. You’ll learn how to lead others more confidently, exercise your control and influence, communicate more effectively, and become more decisive and make quicker decisions.

Ready to start developing your skills and grow as a thoughtful leader? With lifetime access for $29, you’ll always be able to refer back to these lessons, should you ever need a refresher.

Become a Respected, Successful Leader in 2019 With This $29 Course
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