Bob Saget’s Hilarious Tips for Delivering the Perfect Elevator Pitch by Entrepreneur

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Here at Entrepreneur, we know a thing or two about delivering a killer Elevator Pitch. Both succinct and persuasive, a quick description of your business needs to be a part of every entrepreneur’s arsenal.

While Bob Saget might not be the first person you’d go to for business advice, the iconic stand-up comedian/host/actor has been commanding audiences’ attention for decades, both onstage and on classic shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos and Full House, as well as their modern updates, Videos After Dark and Fuller House. In other words, he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to getting people to sit down, watch and listen.

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Saget recently visited our office and shared his hard-earned tips for delivering the ultimate elevator pitch, which include being comfortable with yourself, making eye contact and never ever letting them see you sweat.

Bob Saget is currently starring in the dark comedy ‘Benjamin’ — the first original film released by DVD rental service Redbox — which he also directed. Check it out here.


Bob Saget’s Hilarious Tips for Delivering the Perfect Elevator Pitch
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