Check Out the Top Company Cultures of 2018 (Infographic) by Entrepreneur

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How do you want to shape your company culture in the coming year?

From November 2017 to November 2018, careers site Comparably surveyed nearly 10 million employee ratings across 50,000 U.S. companies, asking workers more than 50 questions about how their company stacked up when it came to compensation, leadership, opportunities for professional development, work-life balance and perks and benefits.

The top five large company cultures this year are Costco, Google, T-Mobile, HubSpot and Aflac, with a couple of changes occurring from this time last year. Costco went to #1 from being #35 in 2017, unseating Google, which was #1 last year.

T-Mobile rose from its #14 position in 2017, toppling Facebook which fell to #16 — perhaps unsurprising considering its scandal-plagued year.

Check out the full list below.


Check Out the Top Company Cultures of 2018 (Infographic)
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December 10, 2018 at 03:25PM