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Branding is not an easy task. Companies and their marketing departments spend a lot of money, time and effort finding the right branding that will give them a competitive edge and drive customers to their products. They need to stand out to be able to do this and having a custom url and assets is one way to do it. The right logo, an acronym, a company motto are things that stay with people after using a product and will keep them coming back. These are things that set a brand apart from the rest of the stock.

Today branding involves much more than just one logo or keyword resonating with the public et large. It is in companies’ digital footprints where brand assets are utilized in unique ways across rich media such as streaming videos, display ads with interactivity, social media posts, creative work including graphic design and much more. This is where digital asset management (DAM) comes in.

DAM involves databases of records with each database having metadata associated with it that explain file names, format, and other information about the content of the data. Additional software can be used for this task or for the creation and management of such databases as well as storage purposes.

If you have been following some of my recent stories, you may be aware that I covered the process of data storage, archive and search recently. I also covered a cloud startup, called MrOwl, offering a new service focusing mostly on its search implementations and thus showing how important this is becoming these days. It is something many companies are looking into as new software and cloud storage solutions come with their own competitive advantage in this field. The searching of data can be particularly important for this task as it has traditionally been cumbersome.

Archiving data or digital assets can be great, but if a company does not know how to reliably search and find these assets at a whim, it may just sit there. This is why databases with effective search functionality and ones with recognizable metadata and file names/descriptions as well as organization are needed.

Abstract data flowMaciej Duraj (

It is particularly important for digital asset management and branding because copyright data may come into play and companies need to quickly find the original files before they were modified to check against their copyright claims or against other companies using their data without permission. It is a way for companies to be able to protect their brand image and unique assets.

I have covered pCloud’s data storage options previously and was made aware the unique cloud service also offers branding with a focus on branded links as the main part of its services, although offering things like descriptions for these files that can help in search. A recent blog post on the company’s blog highlights how this particular cloud provider deals with branding for companies to consider.

“A Download link is the easiest way to share large files with someone,” the blog post explains. “You can generate a Download link for a single file, for a bunch of files or folders and it will give other people download permissions to this content.”

Branded linking refers to the ability for you to customize a particular file link so it offers something unique or can say something about your brand in the process. It can be a short URL, for instance, directing users to your company name or product. You can read more about it from Rebrandly — a company specializing in creating custom URL links for companies – here.

Unlike default shortened links (like or brands these days prefer to use a link that incorporates their name, associating themselves with the content they share, reinforcing brand awareness and increasing their brand recognition.

When you click on pCloud’s brand links page, you can try creating a branded link for free or if you are a premium member of the service you can make all of your links branded with a “General Branding” setting enabled. This should offer unique links to your data as well as safeguard them as you can choose permissions or send them to individuals that you trust. If you turn on the “Custom Branding” feature you can customize each asset.

PCloud’s branding solution.via

The branded links can be customized by title image of your choosing for the assets in place, a headline of your choosing and a description. Then a unique link will be generated you can share with your audience or anyone of your choosing. The service can also be used for you or your company to be able to track who clicked on the links or how many views and downloads they got.

Although PCloud has a simple solution in place and focuses on a link generated rather than particular databases and search DAM, it can be a great additional tool or something smaller companies and SMBs can consider in addition to its cloud storage options. It can also be utilized within private cloud folders for that added protection common in other solutions. 

Other and more enterprise-focused branding and DAM solutions includes Filecamp and Widen.

Filecamp focuses is not just regarding brand linking, but DAM as a whole. It particularly highlighting artists and creatives on its website and the ability to save their illustrator logos as well as other data while they work on it. This occurs while the assets are stored and safeguarded within a database with certain permissions that can be put in place.

One of the ways it does is is it allows users to make specific folders public that can be linked from a website, but not others. It also allows permission controls on folders that ask collaborators or other users within the company and even customers or even potential customers to agree to a customized license agreement before even downloading the files.

It supports various file times from vector illustrator files, AI for instance, to video files, PDF, TIFF and more. It even offers custom URL, custom terms, custom thumbnails and more as described in its Custom Branding page.

Thirdly, a company called Widen also offers digital asset management protection and storage worth considering. Their solution seems pretty robust and seems to me most enterprise focused of all three, with integration of various cloud suites and products such as Slack, Hootsuite and Adobe creative Cloud.

You can learn more about Widen’s brand asset management and watch a video highlighting how it works from Widen’s brand management page. It allows for a company’s workflow to be accessible from one place and for various permissions to also be created so certain individuals or coworkers can have access to certain files, but not others, for instance.

Nowadays with the Internet being so ubiquitous all around the world and companies taking other companies’ assets pretty regularly in certain situations, it is good to have good digital assets management solutions in place. It may not guarantee safeguarding of all data since it is shared anyway with the public et large as branding is something companies want to showcase and not keep to themselves, it can help during the creative process of creating the brand imagery, logos and other such assets at the very least. It can also help in situations later when filing cease and desist orders or copyright claims to have a safeguard in place showing the creative workflow of creating a particular asset from start to finish. Either way, having the ability to mark data as brand assets, search for it effectively within specific folders, and co-work on files as they are being developed are great tools to have.

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