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Eat clean bro.

Words to live by, but not exactly the syntax you would use to appeal to moms and families if you were launching a business offering home delivery of chef-prepared meals, based in Freehold, New Jersey. Yet, that’s how it has worked out for former gym rat Jamie Giovinazzo and his wife, Kayla, owners of Eat Clean Bro.

Eat Clean Bro owners Jamie and Kayla Giovinazzo with their newest addition.

Courtesy Eat Clean Bro

“I am the bro,” Jamie says, “but our customer base are loyal, dedicated moms.”

Kayla explains that when her husband started the business six years ago, it was one bro in the locker room asking another bro – Jamie — what to eat in the interest of maintaining maximum fitness.

“Here we are six years later and the largest sector of our audience is moms,” Kayla said. “Nobody is worried about the name.”

Eat Clean Bro will deliver about 1.5 million meals this year and bring in $15 million in revenue, 10 times the company’s sales of $1.5 million just four years ago, in 2015.

“I think I was in the right place at the right time, with great customer service and a great product,” Jamie, 32, says of Eat Clean Bro’s meteoric growth.

Eat Clean Bro has recently opened up in Atlanta.

Courtesy Eat Clean Bro

Jamie says his “big break” came when he started cooking for La La Anthony, an Instagram star with millions of followers.

“When La La mentioned me, I got 40,000 followers in 24 hours on Instagram, back in 2014,” Jamie said.

Kayla, 28, said she and Jamie began dating in 2014.

After about a month of seeing each other, Jamie called to cancel a Friday night date, saying his accountants needed him to organize his receipts and close out the previous year.

Unfazed, Kayla offered to help. Arriving at Jamie’s home she found a garbage bag full of receipts – his “filing system.”

“I said no, no, no,” Kayla remembered. “I helped him organize his receipts, and signed him up for QuickBooks online.”

Kayla said Jamie had been overwhelmed by the orders pouring in.

“Maybe I can do this with you,” she suggested to Jamie. “That was it, he hired me.”

Five year later, Jamie and Kayla are married and have an infant son.

“There is no more garbage bag of receipts,” Kayla said, laughing.

Eat Clean Bro will deliver about 1.5 million meals this year and bring in $15 million in revenue.

Courtesy Eat Clean Bro

Jamie points out that Freehold is an excellent location to service markets in New York City and Philadelphia, both of which are less than an hour away for Eat Clean Bro delivery vans.

“The population is insane in our delivery zone,” Jamie said. “Tens of millions within 90 miles. If the Amish had internet they could order Eat Clean Bro too.”

With expansion in mind, Kayla and Jamie ruled out the Midwest and states like Ohio.

“Right now, we’re looking to expand to major cities where there is demand for this kind of service,” Kayla said. “We’re trying not to be in our bubble and think everyone appreciates this kind of service. The Midwest doesn’t want Eat Clean Bro.”

But Atlanta does. Eat Clean Bro opened a second location there earlier this year, after noticing a large social media following had developed there, asking if the service was available.

“We’re focusing on bustling cities that will embrace the food-right-to-your-door culture, popping it in the microwave, heating it up and moving on to the next task,” Kayla said.


May 31, 2019 at 12:26AM
Forbes – Entrepreneurs