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As technology changes, so too do the ways in which audiences engage with content. Nowhere is this more evident right now than with live video. Authentic in tone and relatively inexpensive to implement, live video is increasingly gaining traction in brand and business marketing.

Live video’s success may lie in the fact that the content can often seem less scripted, more honest and thus easier for audiences to connect with—leading to increased engagement. Below, eight members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss some of the best ways live video can be used to boost brand recognition and company success.

Members of Young Entrepreneur Council share some of their favorite uses of live video for boosting brand recognition.

All photos courtesy of YEC members.

1. Give A Behind-The-Scenes Glimpse

The people following your brand want to connect with you in an organic manner. They are interested in knowing how your company functions, what struggles you face on an everyday basis and how you celebrate your achievements. Live videos that give a behind-the-scenes peek into everyday life not only demystify and humanize your brand, they also allow your customers to engage with you in an organic manner. Organize things like “a day in the life,” showing the daily life inside your company; announce contests; have a live Q&A session; and issue exclusive invites to your followers, who can then be featured in future live sessions as well. Make it as interactive as possible. It is a strategy that doesn’t cost you a ton and one that is proving to be most successful. – Rahul Varshneya, Benchpoint

2. Give The Audience What They Want To See

Buzzfeed’s snack-sized cooking tutorials, titled “Tasty,” are fun, informative and wildly popular. What’s interesting is that Buzzfeed isn’t even a food brand; it’s a technology brand. Yet, these addictive videos have cast Buzzfeed as an all-encompassing lifestyle brand that creates content, experiences and products for people who are hooked on their phones. Buzzfeed’s videos are so popular because they know what audiences want to see. They often feature satisfying cheese pulls and gooey chocolate because audiences love those types of frames. They also use a “beauty shot,” which is a picture of the prepared food, rather than just a list of ingredients for the food. Lastly, they feature some of the most popular foods: bacon, pasta, steak and cheese. Tasty, indeed! – Shu Saito, Godai Soaps

3. Use Instagram Live To Grow Your Subscriber List

When I launched my second book last summer, I used Instagram Live to let my decent-sized audience know about its release and what the book was about, as well as to provide a few actionable tips that my followers/viewers could go away and implement immediately. This simple tactic yielded several thousand views and added another 160 subscribers to my email list. – Kristin Kimberly Marquet, Fem Founder

4. Offer Free Online Courses Via Live Video

I admire the experience of Mel Robbins, who’s currently a motivational speaker. Just recently, she launched a free course as an extension of her freshly published book. She goes live on Instagram every week and conducts a motivational session for everyone who’d like to connect—absolutely for free. She also offers people the chance to sign up for a course to receive notifications and a video record of the entire course, also for free. She is slowly becoming a lot more recognized as a personal brand and is updating her email list at the same time. Looks like a brilliant idea to me. – Solomon Thimothy, OneIMS

5. Grow Your Following

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) offered a great example of how to use live video to connect with their audience, spread awareness about their cause and gain a bigger following. During Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, they launched their #31DaysOfRescueDogs campaign. Each day different team members wore fluorescent orange shirts and shot a Facebook Live video of them walking their dogs, which were wearing matching orange bandanas, around New York City. During their walks, curious people would stop them to ask questions, turning the livestream into an Ask Me Anything. They were encouraged to snap pictures and spread the hashtag. This successful campaign not only connected with ASPCA’s audience, it also helped spread their message and grow their following with the viral use of their hashtag. – Shaun Conrad, My Accounting Course

6. Have Influencers Show Off Your Offerings

We find featuring influencers with all sizes of followings has worked very well. This has been especially true for them when they use live video, since not so many people are doing it and you can measure in-the-moment traction. When we launched a new resort, we needed people to see how it had grown from conception. We had a couple with a large following go there and show off the place, while also showing them hanging out. It gave the viewer the ability to see the changes and a view into how it is—just as if they were there with them. Plus we answered questions in the moment, getting immediate bookings and selling out all the rooms. It cost us nothing apart from giving away a free stay for four days. This was a massive return on investment compared to ads or post boosting. – Daniel Robbins, Advertify

7. Create Live Tutorials

Live video tutorials are a great way to boost brand awareness and following. If you teach your potential customers how to use your product, they’ll feel more comfortable buying it, and you can prevent customer churn with your existing customers too. Adobe Cloud Creative does this really well. First, they have a ton of tutorials on their YouTube channel—but they also do something with live video, called the “Photoshop Daily Creative Challenge.” Their customers can follow along with the live video tutorial and create something of their own based on the challenge and lesson. It’s very interactive and great for helping users learn how to do more with the product. – John Turner, SeedProd LLC

8. Introduce Your Team Members

As a professional services company, our people and our processes are everything. About a year ago we recorded several videos, which were always 60 to 90 seconds in length, giving our team members a chance to show their intelligence, personalities and expertise. When a customer reads your website or collateral about how great your team is, it’s telling, not showing. We’ve had more success by giving real examples of how great our team is, but doing so in an indirect way. For example, we produced a brief video asking our director of project management how he runs agile teams, and this enabled him to show his expertise and personality while adding value to the tech community. The best part is, our customers not only liked the video, but they were also excited to work with our team after watching. – Brian Samson, True North

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