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Warren Bobrow iPhone XR

For those of us who want the very best, the absolute pinnacle of achievement in cannabis there are many paths to take. Being a minimalist, I like to err to the wonderful experiences that I’ve had, smoking the finest flowers that money can buy. Most of the names blur by, I have my favorites over the past few years and you know who you are. However the topic that has caught my eye recently, is the one that starts

WB and Ganjarillo

Warren Bobrow iPhone XR

with a C and ends with an R. That’s right, the cannagar!

I’m thrilled to share a new brand of cannagar that unfortunately you probably will never get to try, no matter what the price. I’m sorry to say that, but it’s probably true. And there is a very good reason for that. They are made, one at a time. Not by many, but by a master cigar maker, Wilson Vasquez Jr. And all of these pristine cannagars are made all by hand. The brand, Ganjarillo is one brand that I hadn’t heard of until I attended the Hall of Flowers.

Sitting outside in the voluminous “smoking area” my name was called out, certainly


Warren Bobrow: iPhone XR

more than once to taste special things. I hope not to be overly impressed by my own fame, but it is a certain honor to try the very best others have to offer. I try to share my thoughts here in a way that is descriptive and lush.

I have a deep history against most tobacco products. I just can’t wrap my arms around cigarettes, they don’t offer me any pleasure. But deep inside I hold a fervent love of Cuban cigars. It probably is because both my mother step-father enjoyed a Cuban cigar after a good meal. They didn’t smoke them often, but when there was a moonlit night and a yacht moored far away from others, a Cuban cigar can offer an experience that is spiritual and potent. Fast forward to the Hall of Flowers in California. I am not, in any way a user of tobacco products, but imagine my delight when I learned that the outer shell of the Ganjarillo is not cannabis or hemp. It is very special Cuban seed tobacco grown in both Ecuador and Nicaragua This wrapper is holding the some of the finest outdoor grown cannabis from Harvest Moon Farms in California is utterly mind-blowing. The high-end wrapper, cradling the ultra-awesome cannabis is unlike any I’ve ever enjoyed prior, and I might never for the foreseeable future, as they are all made by special order. They are building a brand that is historic in all ways.

Tasting Notes:


Warren Bobrow: iPhone XR

The flavors all marry together, tobacco grown with a special Cuban seed in a very important place. The Ganjarillo needs to be aged so the flavors combine. There is a magic at work here. Each takes about forty-five minutes to burn. Great for sharing with friends.

Appearance: Cocoa brown wrapper with florescent green herb- briskly dotted with red hairs

Nose: Toasty and bold with bittersweet chocolate overtones and notes of blue fruits


Warren Bobrow: iPhone XR

dusted in exotic spices

Palate: Creamy and rich with bursts of sea salt and dark maple syrup with shovel-fulls of rich loam

Finish: Roasted nutmeats and apricot jam, subtly warming across the tongue and lips

From the Ganjarillo Instagram: Fabrica Flor De Las Villas Premium Cannabis Cigars

Totalmente Hecho A Mano Cuban seed tobacco.

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July 4, 2019 at 01:08PM
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