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For many entrepreneurs, coloring inside the lines won’t help you reach your potential. You’ve got to be an inventive thinker, a driven worker and a bit of a daredevil to dive into the waters of entrepreneurship. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Rachael Ray each created their own successful ventures — and all three of them dropped out of college.

Following other people’s rules might not be in your DNA, and business classes can be a bore. However, you’ve got to learn the rules if you want to break them successfully. The Business Development & Sales Bundle teaches you how to raise capital and market your B2B company for less than $40.

You’ll have all the tools you need to “move fast and break things” with these seven courses. Sales and communication expert Patrick Dang shows you how to grab investors’ attention with cold emailing. His second class in Business Development shows you how to set up your venture for long-lasting growth with pro-level negotiator skills and stellar written communication.

Landing the money you need to launch requires some negotiating. Leading business trainer Chris Coft will teach you how to make a “negotiation toolkit” for tough sells, and how to close big deals for your B2B company in less than two hours.

LinkedIn marketing, MBA-level pro tips and creating B2B buyer personas wrap up the final three classes in this bundle. When you’re all done, you’ll be ready to pave your path to B2B success.

The Business Development & Sales Bundle usually costs more than $1,000, but you can get all seven courses now for just $35 (96 percent off).

Grow Your Business Development and Sales Knowledge With This Bundle
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