Here’s Every State’s Favorite Holiday Movie (Infographic) by Entrepreneur

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New York is partial to The Apartment, while Georgia went with Gremlins. See where your favorite film stacked up.

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The holidays often kick off a host of hot-button discussion topics – politics, religion, sports — but if you’re looking for a less-loaded conversation starter, try “favorite holiday movie.” The question should fuel a healthy debate minus the raised voices (depending, of course, on how many

Die Hard 

loyalists are in the room). And according to a new

report and infographic


, the consensus may look different depending on your state. 


Georgia and the Carolinas favored Gremlins, New York and Alaska went with The Apartment and Home Alone came out on top in Illinois — where much of the movie was shot — as well as in neighboring Indiana. Interestingly, Christmas in Connecticut reigned supreme in Montana, while Connecticut was partial to Trading Places. As far as methodology, the site used the top 50 Christmas movies on ratings site Rotten Tomatoes as its base (including nontraditional choices such as Batman Returns), then used Google Trends statewide search frequencies to determine the holiday movies that people in one state searched for more than any other state. 


Check out the infographic below for your state’s favorite film. 

December 7, 2018 at 11:56AM