Hone Your Sales and Negotiation Skills with This $11 Online Class by Entrepreneur

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Ever wondered why salespeople get such a bad rep? Frankly, it’s because most of them don’t actually know how to sell, and thus resort to pushy — read: ineffective — tactics. (Think Napoleon Dynamite’s Uncle Rico and his van full of Nupont fiber-woven bowls.)

You see, customers don’t want to be cajoled into buying something they don’t think is necessary. They don’t want gimmicks or stunts. What they do want is to be given relevant, prompt information about your products and ideas — and above all, they really just want you to listen to their needs. (No, really — research has proven it.)

For some salespeople, this all comes quite naturally. But for the rest of us, there’s always the Sales Skills & Negotiation Skills Master Class that just went on sale in the Entrepreneur Store. Led by marketing guru Mark Timberlake of SME Heroes, a former commercial photographer, and e-commerce professional, this 12-hour education gives its students a comprehensive look at all the skills, strategies, and techniques they could possibly need to become sales whizzes.

The class’ lineup of 291 lectures kicks off with lessons on how to develop a sales strategy and find prospects to whom to sell. From there, you’ll explore ways to manage your emotions in a sales situation, read your prospects accurately, and negotiate successfully. Once you’ve mastered those elements, you’ll study how to handle objections, close your sale, and later leverage your contacts so you can sell to the same prospects over and over again.

Not a salesperson by trade? That’s not a problem — these expert-taught lessons on making sales and negotiating are applicable to just about any position that involves working with clients or customers.

Lifetime access to the Sales Skills & Negotiation Skills Master Class normally retails for $199.99, but if you visit our store within the next few days, you can enroll for only $10.99 — a massive savings of 94 percent.


Hone Your Sales and Negotiation Skills with This $11 Online Class
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