How to Make 7 Awesome Holiday Cocktails (Video) by Entrepreneur

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We’ve already shown you the tastiest cocktails to serve at your office holiday party, but if you’d really like to achieve expert-level status, may we suggest watching the best in the business in action.

Pam Wiznitzer, master mixologist at Henry at Life Hotel in New York, recently bartended at the Entrepreneur holiday party, and — as all of our staffers (and one sparkly unicorn) will attest — it was by far the most fun yet. Wiznitzer’s drinks are complex-yet-approachable, and you don’t need the skills of Tom Cruise in Cocktail to make them.

In fact, all you really need are the right materials and a great teacher.

How to Make 7 Awesome Holiday Cocktails (Video)
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December 18, 2018 at 02:55PM