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Sales and business development are often treated like two separate things, but in reality, they’re intertwined — and mastering both is the key to making your dream company a reality. Without the cash from your sales, you can’t buy the tools you want or pay the team you need to develop your business.

If you’re more familiar with sales than business development, or vice versa, you might not know where to turn when you need to learn about the other side of the coin. That’s where The Business Development & Sales Bundle comes in.

This seven-course online class bundle covers all of the bases when it comes to sales and business development. It kicks off with a class taught by Patrick Dang, a sales and communications expert who spent time learning the tricks of the trade at Oracle. He teaches you how to use cold emails to your advantage — you’ll be writing professional copy to generate leads and deliver consistent prospects in no time.

Dang also shares a proven methodology for closing more deals with his Sales Valley course. You’ll learn how to build your own process for maximum efficiency and create email templates that grab the reader’s attention.

Business trainer Chris Croft tackles the next classes, teaching you how to negotiate with prospects for better deals in his Successful Negotiation course. He’s also the instructor for Practical Sales Techniques, where you’ll understand how to handle objections and hidden excuses.

Google Certified Marketer Daragh Walsh covers the ins and outs of B2B sales lead & generation in his LinkedIn Marketing class. He’ll show you how to make the most out of your free account and how to drive traffic from LinkedIn to your company website.

Author Mike Gospe teaches you how to create build B2B personas from scratch in How to Create a Buyer Persona For Your B2B Business. This will help you identify your target audience and ensure that your marketing efforts align with that audience’s pain points.

Award-winning business professor Chris Haroun finishes up this bundle with An Entire MBA in 1 Course. His immersive class teaches you how to build a company from scratch, network for customers, raise cash quickly and analyze company financials.

Usually, The Business Development & Sales Bundle costs $1,009.94, but right now you can marry sales knowledge with development know-how for only $35 (96 percent off).


Improve Your Salesmanship and Grow Your Business
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