Increase Your Instagram Engagement Quickly with This $39 Automation Tool by Entrepreneur

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No longer just a venue for travel #tbts and Kardashian-Jenner selfies, Instagram has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for bloggers and brands alike. With more than 1 billion active users as of June of last year, the popular picture-sharing app is basically a gold mine of opportunities for consumer engagement.

And yet, research has shown that less than a third of marketers incorporate Instagram into their marketing strategies. How can this be?

Well, for starters, growing and creating posts for an Instagram account requires a significant amount of time — something most business owners can’t afford to spare. You could always hire a trained social media expert to manage the account for you, of course, but that requires a bit of leeway in a company’s budget. That leads us to plan B, which comes in the form of a just-marked-down lifetime subscription to Postable.

Geared towards marketing professionals across all sorts of industries, Postable is a brilliant Instagram automation tool that lets you easily schedule posts and automate your Instagram engagement for an unlimited number of accounts. That includes following/unfollowing, liking, commenting, reposting, and messaging your audience, all of which is managed on Postable’s user-friendly interface.

Once you sign up for Postable, you’ll be able to connect to your Dropbox or OneDrive and begin uploading photos from there for speedy, streamlined posting. You can then track your account’s growth and your posts’ performance using the detailed analytics reports that are available within the Postable dashboard.

Oh, and because we know data security is important to you: Every Postable subscription includes access to premium proxies for safe use.

Start exploring the depths of Instagram’s marketing potential by visiting the Entrepreneur Store today. There, you’ll find lifetime subscriptions to the Postable Instagram Automation Charlie Plan on sale for just $39 — an 88 percent discount on the usual price of $325.

Increase Your Instagram Engagement Quickly with This $39 Automation Tool
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