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Matthew Bellows spent nearly a decade creating the sales engagement market category as a founder of Yesware. Now he has set out to reinvent personal finance. We sat down to talk about how he’s going to do it:

“No matter how confident, respected or successful we are in the daytime, we all have nights when we stare at the ceiling and worry. Sometimes we think about the past. But most of the time, our fears are about the future. “Will I be able to help my kids with college?” “Can I help mom with her long term care?” “What if I lose my job?” No matter how much money we have, we never completely lose those fears.”

“Or we dream about what could be… “Can we afford to buy that house on the lake?” “Can I quit my corporate job and start a company?” “Can I live the life I want to live?”

Today he is announcing BodesWell ( – a new software company to help us answer those questions. 

The planning, timing and funding of weddings, colleges, jobs, kids, houses, healthcare, retirement and legacies are complicated and filled with risk. BodesWell seeks to remove the stress and doubt surrounding big financial decisions and give you a roadmap to achieve your goals. They make software to take away the overwhelming aspects of financial planning so you can sleep well at night.

This sounds like financial planning. Isn’t this already done?

Financial Services is the least trusted industry in the country. Almost 2/3rds of people with financial advisors don’t feel like they have someone to talk to about money.

There are hundreds of Fintech startups, but this core problem isn’t solved in a comprehensive way: more Americans than ever before feel like they can’t afford to get married. Many new parents are unprepared for spending the $233,000 before college that the average child costs. Almost  80% of Americans don’t feel ready for retirement. Even among wealthy Americans, half of us have no idea how much we need to retire.

The BodesWell Approach

By combining personal financial data, economic models of the future, and an incredibly simple interface, BodesWell takes away the overwhelming aspects of financial planning so you can build the life you want. 

They will charge a per month or per year fee that supports the software. If they have partners or earn referral fees, all those relationships will be clearly disclosed. They will not hold assets under management and instead will focus on being the dashboard of your financial life. 

To me, BodesWell has the opportunity to benefit almost every single human being on the planet. Just about everyone lays awake at night and wonders about their future. Based on my research, I was surprised to discover there’s no single software solution that addresses this core human need.

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May 23, 2019 at 01:45PM
Forbes – Entrepreneurs