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Did you catch Wade Wilson’s antics when Deadpool landed in theaters a few years ago? How about Gone Girl, that gripping 2014 thriller about a wife gone missing? Either way, you might be surprised to hear that both hit films were cut with Premiere Pro, Adobe’s powerful video editing app.

That wasn’t coincidental, at least in Gone Girl’s case. Talking with Adobe after the film’s debut, post-production engineer Jeff Brue said his team purposely chose to use Premiere Pro because edits-wise, "[the] ask was for nothing less than perfection."

Premiere Pro’s contributions to that project speak to the power of Adobe’s creative suite as a whole. From Photoshop to After Effects, all of the apps within its diverse collection offer incredible functionality that can produce stunning results — provided you know how to use them, of course.

For a comprehensive education in Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, and other popular Adobe programs that won’t break the bank, Entrepreneur readers can sign up for the Complete Adobe Mastery Bundle from SkillSuccess. Spanning more than 70 hours of content taught by industry pros, it contains 11 different courses on several must-know apps for creatives.

Nearly half of those classes cover Photoshop — the photo-editing app that’s so ubiquitous, it’s become a verb — which range in difficulty from beginner to pro. Their lessons cover different creative effects, layers’ purpose, text manipulation, shape adjustments, and other concepts that you can apply to a career in web design, photography, or graphic design.

Another two of the courses go over the aforementioned Premiere Pro, which will teach you how to edit and polish videos for all sorts of purposes, while still another pair covers After Effects, the Adobe app commonly used to create motion graphics. (All you aspiring videographers will want to pay extra-close attention to this training.)

Rounding out the bundle’s learning lineup are two classes dedicated to Lightroom, a photo manipulation and organization app that’s geared toward professional photographers. Upon completion of their instruction, you’ll have the technical know-how to create compelling imagery in almost any environment.

You can sign up for lifetime access to the Complete Adobe Mastery Bundle for less than $16 with promo code: LEARNIT. Act quickly, though, as this promo code expires within the next few days.

Learn Popular Adobe Apps Like Photoshop and Premiere Pro Online
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