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A company specializing in programmatic advertising, OpenX, has entered a five-year partnership with Google with its Google Cloud platform. This will allow OpenX to have a strategic advantage with its user base of digital publishers – including website owners and mobile app developers – as well as advertisers across various channels.

According to a press release I received via email, none of the programming advertising competitors today have their infrastructures 100% cloud-based. They rely on a server-client configuration that hinders innovation.

“None of the competitors in market are 100% in the cloud today, as they rely upon legacy servers that have largely held back innovation amongst the non-walled garden advertising eco-systems,” the press release says.

With this deal taking place, OpenX will become the first 100% cloud-based programming advertisement platform, according to Dallas Lawrence who is the Chief Brand Officer at OpenX and whom I interviewed via e-mail. 

”Our new 5 year $110 million dollar effort with Google is symbolic of a larger shift going on in digital advertising, where technology companies are taking a long and hard look at what marketers want and how they can help them achieve this,” he said. ”OpenX is the first major exchange, outside of Google themselves, to move entirely to the cloud, enabling the speed, scalability and innovation necessary for the future.”

The move to the cloud has multiple meanings for OpenX and large advertising exchanges in general. It will mean that the company can scale on a much quicker scale and enter new markets rapidly. It will also offer much closer ties to Google as a result.

While nearly every competitor remains locked in a world ruled by servers, we will be operating at the speed and innovation of Google, and we can focus our tech efforts on building for the future, as opposed to maintaining legacy infrastructure,” Lawrence said. “We will have the opportunity to enter new markets rapidly (in days, because of the turn on turn of regional scalability rather than 6-12 months).”

Lawrence also mentioned a huge pririty for advertisers that this will allow and that is people engagement as well as the ability to drive value through data. As everything moves to the cloud, data can be stored and analyzed muchj quicker. Here is how Lawrence explained this transition:

The market needs companies that can make those ad impressions more valuable through data, and can make it more efficient and cost effective for brands to target the exact consumer at the exact moment they want.  This completely alters the marketing funnel today and will bring the kind of 1 to 1 experience buyers want outside of the walled gardens into the open web.

Another thing to consider is that 5G networking is going to happen soon and many advertising exchanges are not prepared for this.

Consider this fact  - nearly every major ad exchange operating in the $60 billion programmatic market is operating on technology designed for a 3G world” Lawrence said. ”As we prepare for the innovations that will be unleashed in a 5G world, you have to be able to deliver consumer brand experiences at the same speed, scale and efficiency.” 

It will be interesting to see what this will mean for app developers and online content publishers as many websites and online-based media have a hard time finding a profit or effective advertising solutions.

Google itself is huge with its Google Ads platform and Google Adsense banner system that are ubiquitous with online marketing. It is also interesting to learn about integrations with Google as Bing and DuckDuckGo ads (ran through one network or Bing) have a lot of the same features as Google Ads and there is a quick way to migrate Google Ads campaigns into this network (as shown here). This shows that Google is very open with partnering with competitors or other companies in the advertising space so both (or more) companies benefit in the long term.

OpenX connects advertisers with content creators – app developers or publishers – for effective ad campaigns. The company was founded in 2007, is 500 strong and privately owned and operated, according to its website. The company is even ranked on the Deloitte Fast 500 and operates around the world in eight locations: California (four locations) to New York, London, Munich, krakow and Tokyo.

You can check out the video of what the company represents and what it is like working at OpenX here. The company also has interesting case studies on its website, including one where the company already partnered with Google on another project. It is titled Delivering Increased Demand and Value for Publishers Globally.

The case study goes into how hundreds of premium publishers are receiving ads from OpenX with integration to Google’s Exchange Bidding. The study boasts an average of 48% increase in programmatic revenue for the publishers. The whole case study is available here for download.

It is good to see online advertising continue to evolve and become more integrated for efficiency. We all know the stories of traditional journalism, for instance, being left in the wayside due to outdated advertising practices and online not being able to catch up. Lets hope this is a great step for publishers to continue making profits and staying in business so online journalism remains competitive with traditional paper print methods.

I was also able to find another thing that show some ties that OpenX has with Google. In a press release the company named a former Google executive, Michael Martin, as its VP of Global DSP Partnerships last November. The release also shed some light into the company’s operations.

“Michael will also play a key role in supporting OpenX’s larger push into mobile and video, supporting the company’s global DSP relationships as they continue to expand to new screens and formats.”

Mobile advertising it seems is one of the key ways the company is expanding. Having ads that work seamlessly across various screen sizes, operating systems and other configurations is key today. I myself have experience running Google Ads campaigns and know how much of a headache it can be trying to fit the right sized display ads or rely on the dynamic display ads that sometimes look strange in certain screen formats. This is something that definitely every advertiser needs to look at going forward as mobile may be key for revenue and growth.

January 24, 2019 at 04:47PM
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