Positivity and Negativity Are Both Infectious in Business by Entrepreneur

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Drew Stern, the managing director of Artificial Intelligence company Esquify, explains that in order to achieve lasting success, a leader must maintain a positive outlook. There is no straight path to success, and while some see a certain situation as either a win or a loss, Stern chooses to see every situation as either a win or an opportunity to pivot, refine or learn something new.

Despite Esquify’s focus on artificial and automative processes, Stern promotes the company as a setting where co-workers can share, collaborate and advance together. The company’s reputation as a business where people can challenge themselves and grow is one of many factors responsible for the firm’s low employee turnover and high job satisfaction.

Learn more about Stern and Esquify in the full video interview below.

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Positivity and Negativity Are Both Infectious in Business
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April 30, 2019 at 10:38AM