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Once your first crowdfunding campaign takes off and you’ve successfully managed your first batch of shipping, it’s time to look further. However, your second campaign needs to be planned more carefully than the first. (For more on how to prepare for your first crowdfunding campaign, check out my last article.)

A second campaign may seem easy because you’ve already completed one successfully, but if it’s not executed with a proper methodology, your campaign won’t do as expected. So, what is the proper methodology for operating a successful second crowdfunding campaign? Before we dive into the details, there’s one important aspect you need to consider.

When you go from one campaign to the next, you’re actually building a brand along the way. To build a great brand, you have to focus on backer feedback and test out the first batch of products through crowdfunding. It’s actually a specific form of launching a new business. So, when you take that step with a new campaign, make sure you work on your branding before you launch.

What can you do to develop your brand through your campaign?

1. First, decide on a distinctive company name and logo.

2. Create dedicated social media profiles and a website.

3. Use a contact form or messenger where your potential backers or existing customers can reach out to you.

4. Offer creative packaging to make your products stand out.

Once you create your brand profile, you’ll have a solid foundation to build your second crowdfunding campaign. From there, follow these six crucial steps:

Plan your pre-campaign promotion beforehand.

Create a proper promotion workflow and start ads months before launching your second campaign. Keep your contacts in the loop and start spreading the word across forums such as Kickstarter, Reddit and Quora to let more people know about your campaign launch.

Send newsletters to your previous backers to spread the word.

This time around, you’ll already have a list of contacts from your previous campaign promotion that you can use to your benefit. Likewise, you’ll already have a certain number of residual subscribers from your previous campaign. Make use of them and start sending periodic newsletters (once or twice every two weeks) to give them updates about your upcoming second campaign.

Do social media promos regularly.

Using the same profiles from your first campaign, you can capitalize on your existing followers (as well as further establish your brand). From the latest updates to offering discounts and giveaways, keep your followers excited about the launch of the new campaign.

Offer referral discounts to previous backers.

You can also make your previous backers feel more inclined to spread the word by offering them referral discounts for your new campaign. That way, they’ll not only talk about your new campaign but might also pledge.

Highlight your new campaign on your old campaign page.

Your previous campaign can serve as a landing page for your new campaign. Supply a link to your new campaign to redirect any interested backers. This will help you draw traffic from that page and make your new campaign even more visible.

Mention your previous campaign highlights on your new campaign page.

Even on your new campaign page, you need to include a paragraph about your old campaign and the journey you’ve had so far. This helps to build credibility with potential backers who will be coming to your new campaign page.

With that said, it’s important to make your second campaign stand out with a product that’s one step further than your previous campaign. Don’t launch a second campaign just because you want to. Rather, you should launch a second campaign because your product truly deserves a version 2.0.

December 26, 2018 at 09:51AM
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