Tackle Your To-Do List With This Award-Winning Mac App by Entrepreneur

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Finding the best way to knock tasks off your to-do list takes some trial and error. Some entrepreneurs rely on classic paper lists, others take the electronic route with apps and reminders. You’ve probably tried more than one method to keep track of your work responsibilities, but the 2Do Task Manager takes your productivity to the next level.

2Do is a Mac-optimized app that marries productivity and speed. Jot down multiple tasks in seconds with the Quick Entry feature, then stay on top of related to-dos and events with color-coded lists and groups. You can filter everything by focus, tag, location and date range.

Group scheduled tasks in a snap with the drag-and-drop interface, then create your own advanced search queries to find exactly what you need. Automatic alerts notify you when you’re physically close to one of your to-dos, and you can rapidly sync with Dropbox, Apple Reminders or Toodledo.

Usually, the 2Do Task Manager costs $49.99, but right now you can snag it for $19.99 (60 percent off).

Tackle Your To-Do List With This Award-Winning Mac App
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