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Franchise owners are truly small business owners. They live, work and raise families in their local communities. This local connection is vital to succeeding in the long term. The foundation of franchise success is building community trust.

The Importance of Trust

Franchise owners must earn the trust of community members in order to earn their business. Earning — and maintaining — high trust within their community brings in more customers and reinforces the franchise brand and the value it offers.

Franchise owners can face hurdles building trust if they focus on short-term growth instead of taking a long-term approach. Consumers are constantly challenging business owners — large and small— to deliver on what they promise at the best price point possible. If franchise owners, or any small business owner for that matter, lose sight of this core requirement, they will not succeed.

Overcoming Problems

One barrier to trust is that that residents of local communities often misunderstand the nature of franchise locations, believing they are owned by a large, national corporation. They are unaware that the true ownership is 100 percent local.

Franchises should tap into the “Buy Local” movement to help correct this misconception. According to the 2016 Cox Consumer Pulse on Small Businesses, 63 percent of respondents said they make a conscious choice to support local businesses. Franchises should make the promotion of being locally owned part of their ongoing marketing strategies:

  • Continually stress they are locally owned and operated
  • Hype this on their websites, via social media and through all forms of advertising
  • Tout local ownership, local operation
  • Promote your franchise as a local job creator

Give Back

By investing in their own communities, franchise owners will reap significant benefits in trust and goodwill. This can be accomplished by becoming known as an “employer of choice,” a place where people can gain employment, acquire valuable job skills and training, and develop professionally for future careers. Franchise owners should create more jobs for the community and expand the workforce via training programs and professional development.

It doesn’t stop there. Franchise owners can volunteer personally and create volunteer programs to enable franchise employees to “give back” as well. Franchise owners should continually give back to local communities with time, talent and treasure. The trust and goodwill generated will provide a solid foundation of future success.

March 15, 2019 at 12:13PM
Forbes – Entrepreneurs