The Importance of Quality Over Quantity in Digital Content Marketing by Forbes – Entrepreneurs

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When it comes to digital marketing, quality trumps quantity and makes your brand more personable in the long run. We live in the age of transparency, and consumers crave authenticity.

Think about your day and the long list of tasks you give yourself to complete. Consider the frequency of interactions you have with others — both in your work and home life. In that time, how many of your interactions do you conduct digitally? How many ads do you think you see?

Research reveals the average consumer may see as many as 5,000 or more ads daily, and of 590 total media minutes spent, they note 153 ads. What is the average number of ads that engage the consumer? The answer is 12. It makes sense companies need to focus more on engagement and quality and less on quantity. Here are a few tips to lead your brand into generating more personable content for connection.

  1. Whom Do You Connect With?

Textbooks on marketing tell you to aim for your target audience, but quality engagement is more than statistics and demographics. Never write or shoot for a generalized audience. Be relevant, current and specific.

Who are your existing readers and consumers, and why do they connect with you? What problems do you solve? Do you make them laugh? Getting to know your audience and conversing with them via your content keeps readers engaged because you’re building a relationship, not unlike in real life with real folks. That’s because your consumers are real people.

  1. Stop Content Bombing

Don’t annoy your audience with too much content. Be the brand that offers a laugh or meets a need by gracefully slipping into the fold, communicating to the consumer, “We’re here, and look at this cool thing you didn’t know.”

Don’t content bomb. Don’t speak at or down to your consumer. Create a conversation.

Does your site have too many bells and whistles? If so, your company looks like it’s screaming for attention and doesn’t know what it’s about or who it serves. Don’t be the brand with the newsletter subscription box that pops up every minute, especially when the consumer could barely find the “x” to close out the ad in the first place.

May 8, 2018 at 10:55AM
Forbes – Entrepreneurs