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Entrepreneurs are often described as “special” or “unique.” The qualities that make them unique, however, are not always the first qualities you see on the surface. Lots of people are capable of working hard and picking themselves up after a fall. Lots of people hate taking orders and would rather execute their own innovative ideas. Hard work, resilience and ingenuity, however, are far from the only requirements for success. In my opinion as a veteran entrepreneur, these aren’t the qualities that separate entrepreneurs from the average, perfectly sane, working professional.

Not all entrepreneurs possess the following qualities, but in my experience, they can be the difference between a business that does well and a business that achieves unprecedented success. Here are three truly “superhuman” qualities of successful entrepreneurs:

1. Remaining Unaffected By Industry-Wide Concerns

Every industry goes through changes. Sometimes, those changes make the industry’s future look pretty grim. It might seem like your target audience is dwindling or that your best skills are becoming irrelevant. But I’ve learned that when you legitimately love what you do for a living, the negative elements of your industry have little if any effect on your spirit. You are unfazed by the overwhelming notion that your chances of success may be getting smaller and smaller.

I’ve observed this quality in business leaders from various industries such as media, food service, real estate and auto sales. It’s fascinating to watch: They talk about their growing list of struggles with not even the tiniest trace of frustration or anxiety. There was nothing I could say to them that would evoke a reaction beyond, “Eh, no big deal.”

People like this are a reminder that you should never let the reputation of your industry stop you from moving forward. If you want to open a bookstore even though everyone on the subway is using an e-reader, go for it. If you want to start a rock band even though the act of purchasing music is practically extinct, go for it.

I work in business financing, where business loan underwriters are currently competing with computer algorithms that can approve applications in a matter of hours. But my team knows the value of what we do and that countless business owners feel the same way. We continue to prove that the depth of your passion can have a direct impact on the size of your audience.

2. Knowing Who To Trust

I believe that a mandatory characteristic of a successful entrepreneur is knowing who to hire. When interviewing candidates, many entrepreneurs assess the individual’s attitude and capacity to learn. This is difficult to do, especially when interviewing entry-level candidates with no relevant experience.

Some entrepreneurs, however, are able to quickly determine whether a candidate is worthy of their utmost trust, despite having no hard evidence to support their decision. Rather than just choosing candidates who can fill the open position, these entrepreneurs can spot candidates who will be able to take on increasingly important roles for years to come.

I remember being caught off guard by the level of trust exhibited by an old boss of mine. He treated me like a good friend and allowed me to handle challenging tasks even though I had very little experience. I was worried about him putting the same amount of trust in someone else who didn’t deserve it, but to my surprise, it never happened.

Before expanding your team, think of what it is about your best employees that makes them easy to trust. Honing my ability to identify trustworthy candidates has been integral to my company’s growth.

3. Knowing When To Ask For Help

When faced with an unfamiliar task, you can either learn to do it yourself or ask for help. In my experience, most entrepreneurs tend to choose the former. You are less likely to find an entrepreneur who understands when to devote the proper time and energy required for securing the right employee or freelancer.

This makes sense, as it’s rare for people who are so confident in themselves to have no issue admitting that they need all the help they can get. After all, countless individuals likely became entrepreneurs primarily because they found truth in the saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”

Employees will be comforted by a leader who knows his or her limits. It shows that their boss is well-aware that a successful business must be as close to perfect as possible in every area. As the leader of my company, I prefer to be directly involved in all major changes. But there’s only so much time in the day, so when it comes to unfamiliar tasks like designing our website or social media strategy, I let the experts take charge. I felt that if my employees saw me trying to handle these things, they’d be thinking, “Does he even know what he’s doing?”

Meet Your Very Best Self

It’s not realistic to expect every entrepreneur to possess these qualities. But trying to emulate them under the right circumstances can be massively beneficial for you and your employees, especially as your business grows. A successful business leader is always looking to be the best version of him or herself. This is much easier to do when you have a clear picture of what that means, and these three qualities are a great start.

June 7, 2019 at 07:35AM
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