Too Busy to Exercise? Save the Excuses with This Portable Gym. by Entrepreneur

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When it comes to avoiding workouts, many people are like trained seals: they love to jump through hoops. In one poll conducted by DailyBurn a few years ago, personal trainers who were ghosted by their clients reported being given all sorts of ridiculous excuses ranging from "it’s too hard" to "my nail polish is still wet" and "I recently died." (Yes, seriously.)

To be clear: getting in shape isn’t fun or easy, and anyone who says otherwise can’t be trusted. And maybe your excuses for avoiding the gym are far more reasonable—realistic, even—than the aforementioned ones. Maybe you’re flat-out swamped at work, or traveling too often to commit to a regular exercise routine.

To those pretexts, we counter with this: the BodyBoss 2.0, the world’s first home gym that you can take anywhere and use anytime. 

Introduced on Kickstarter in July 2016 to instant success, BodyBoss aims to bring the gym to you with portable, compact equipment and easy-to-follow workout plans. Each set comes with a fold-up VectorFit Platform and cloth-covered resistance bands—gear that’s designed to mimic the expensive equipment you’d find at a high-end gym, minus the bulk. It might seem bare-bones, but it’s truly all you need to perform more than 300 different exercise moves, each of which you can make easier or harder depending on your skill level simply by adjusting the resistance bands.

Also included with every BodyBoss set is free online access to thousands of muscle-activating workout programs led by expert trainers, which you can watch live or recorded depending on your day. Whether you want to tone, strengthen, lose weight, burn calories, or just get your blood pumping a bit between conference calls, you won’t have a problem finding programs that suit your fitness and scheduling needs.

We normally offer the BodyBoss 2.0 Portable Home Gym to Entrepreneur readers for the discounted price of only $121.50 with promo code: NEWYEAR2019—an exclusive savings of 16 percent.

Too Busy to Exercise? Save the Excuses with This Portable Gym.
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December 28, 2018 at 09:50AM