Too Many Of Us Don’t Think Outside The Box Because We’re Stuck In It by Forbes – Entrepreneurs

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Do you have an action plan to ensure that you control the direction of your career, or do you just go where the wind blows? Luck, to some extent, can be real, but actions and strategic plans seem to always be key in true success. One of the prerequisites in taking control of your life is your willingness to make an effort. People often dwell on their lack of the right education, strange name, ethnic background, childhood, gender, age, past failures or limited network as excuses for not having an exciting, meaningful and challenging career and life. Did you know that 60% of the jobs ten years from now haven’t been invented yet?

“There is no future in any job. The future lies in the person who holds the job.” -George W. Crane

You cannot look for your next job – you have to create it, let nothing stand in your way and also think outside the box. Harvard Business Review conducted an internal study asking employees how often they saw senior leaders challenge the status quo or ask their teams to think outside the box. Only 29% said “often” or “always,” 42% said “never” or “almost never” and 32% said “sometimes.” These numbers show that the right risks are not even being taken by higher authority. How does that lack of innovative thinking and leadership show employees what they should reflect in the workplace?

Now, the funny thing is that some managers and employers do not even want to hire people that think outside the box. Some companies like a “robotic” employee that just does what they’re told and doesn’t question the “status quo.” Now the term, “thinking outside the box,” is meant to be more than a business cliché. We’re constantly told to apply this way of thinking in life and work, yet there isn’t always a straight and narrow solution. It all starts with accepting who you are and where you stand.

Secondly, think to yourself, am I adaptable and willing to make changes? In your brain, you have a resilience muscle – make sure you exercise it. It is never healthy to be too comfortable in life. You have to implement changes when you can, and not only when you have to. For example, you can start by making small changes to your daily routine.

If you park in the same spot or even brush your teeth at the same time every morning, you are setting your brain to think and do the same thing. How about parking in the front lot instead of the back lot? How about brushing your teeth an hour earlier or at sporadic times in between getting dressed? These small, but critical changes in your routine can help you to feel and move more freely – at work and home. Remember that the most minor actions can make for big changes.

Next, try unplugging from the media. That can be television, E-mail, Instagram, Twitter or even Netflix. It may seem like a stretch for some of us, but trust that it will drastically change your perspective. Try picking up a self-growth book, writing about how your day was or even lie down while listening to classical music. All of these proposed ideas allow your mind to be clear yet stimulated. This will create a sense of detachment from the hectic world of media and align you more with yourself.

The last tip is shifting from close-mindedness to curiosity. If your mind is closed, this prevents the creativity needed for new ideas. People who think out of the box become deeply curious about what they don’t know and what they want to learn. This leads to creativity and away from a fixed mindset. When you can focus on what can be done about problems rather than being consumed by problems, everything will be that much easier. It is all about life-design.

You actually can have it all. Too many of us don’t think outside the box, because we are stuck in the box. The problem is many people aren’t clear about what the box is, or what it means to think outside it. The answer is really not what is outside you but rather what is inside you.

May 17, 2019 at 07:27PM
Forbes – Entrepreneurs