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One of the best ways to build a business is by expanding your network. Not only does network building allow you to meet peers who have unique industry insight, it also allows you to find new ways to engage your community and audience. Whether you’re connecting with other business owners, operators, potential partners or peers, there is always a lot to learn from those seeking their own success.

Local events provide the perfect way to meet other industry leaders in your immediate area. Dallas is particularly known for its well-attended and innovative events. To make sure you know the top local events, we asked members of Forbes Dallas Business Council to share their personal Dallas-based favorites.

Members share their top recommendations for networking events in Dallas.Photos courtesy of the individual members.

1. Dallas Startup Week

Dallas Startup Week is a five-day event dedicated to connecting our rapidly growing business community with opportunities for mentoring, partnerships and friendships. This event is the perfect opportunity to gain more knowledge about the local startup community and decide whether you would like to start your own business or work for a startup company. – Ali Mirza, #iSocialYou

2. Emerging Technologies Summit

There have been a lot of really good new events this year, but I will say that one of the newer ones with UT Dallas was an incredible experience. They recently launched their Emerging Tech Summit and brought together some of the industry leaders in blockchain, artificial intelligence and finance. It was a stellar example of how conferences, when successfully curated, can be catalysts for cross-industry collaboration. – Ben Lamm, Hypergiant

3. Work As Worship

I greatly enjoy the Work as Worship conference. It is an annual event hosted by RightNow Media that brings in top business leaders to discuss the deeper purpose of work from a philosophical, religious, social and impact perspective. It’s a great place to hear amazing stories, get inspired, deepen perspectives and meet quality people. - Robert Neely, InspireMore

4. Dallas Dealmakers

Dallas Dealmakers is a one-day event during the summer when things are slow in the industry. It’s a great day and an unmissable opportunity to meet new people and see old friends. - Tom J. AgnewLease Analytics LLC

5. Fort Worth Stock Show And Rodeo 

December 14, 2018 at 08:11AM
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