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Raina PenchanskyCourtesy of DBA

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Digital Brand Architects (DBA) is at the core of the companies DNA. Recently acquired by UTA, DBA is a female-led management firm headquartered in Los Angeles, that represents more than 140 influencers and reaches over 200 million followers collectively. With more than a 98% female staff who are spearheading verticals like “Dear Media” – DBA’s female-forward podcast studio –  the company is working to lead cultural and social change for women from the top-down – tapping into the massive influence of “influencers” in the digital world – and beyond. In 2015, DBA launched Digital Brand Products (DBP) to empower its talent and other digital-native properties in developing, manufacturing, and selling their own merchandise. Additionally, DBA launched Dear Media, a podcast studio with a focus on bringing women, their stories and their narratives to the forefront of conversation.

The Los Angeles DBA OfficesCourtesy of DBA

CEO of DBA, Raina Penchansky, has grown the company with the mission to externally build a supportive female economy and to internally foster a culture of empowered development.  International Women’s Day has become a company wide holiday at DBA. “This holiday encompasses everything DBA represents. We are company built by women to service and build up other women,” says Penchansky. 

DBA will be hosting an entire day of holistic health, spiritual healing, self-empowerment and personal care for its entire staff in both their LA and NYC offices. They have hired experts such as  energy healers, financial planners, nutritionists and sleep specialists for their employees to enjoy. The celebration will end with a wine Class, taught by Helen’s Wines (Helen Johannesen) accompanied by Graze Boards from Sorella Collective.

Penchansky shares why personal development is at the core of the company culture, “We have an amazing team that is hustles hard for our clients in so many ways, but we also spend equally as much time figuring out how to promote personal development for the team to further their communication skills, emotional intelligence, mental health, personal growth and even help their business savvy.”

Penchansky isn’t just taking this holiday to foster company culture, she wants to use this momentum to continue to create an influencer economy where woman are making money in a way that they never did before. She has first handedly seen this new economy give women more purchasing power, freedom in their own lives, the ability invest in other women and women beginning to discuss making money with other women.

With the pay gap continuing to be a hot topic around women’s equality in the workplace, Penchansky feels that the only way for our society to move from being aware of the issue to solving the issue is through women helping other women making money. “As women I think we have trained ourselves that it is taboo to talk about money with other women. Men do it as a sport- so why cant we? We need to have more honest and transparent conversations about what we are investing in, how we are making money, how to sell our companies, why we are looking at certain stocks and everything in between to see the wealth distribution shift in our economy.”

Celebrating International Women’s Day at DBA is just a small spec amongst the continuous efforts that the company and leadership is doing to move the needle forward for the female economy.


March 8, 2019 at 12:17PM
Forbes – Entrepreneurs