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Contract and temp work have continued to climb as a segment of the U.S. workforce since 2005 . The legal industry is no exception to these trends, with both lawyers and employers finding amicable compromises in flexible work situations. Bringing a temp worker into a company or law firm provides incentives to both parties in the arrangement.

Let’s take a look at some of these benefits for your business:

1. Increased Flexibility In Business Cycles

Depending on your practice area, it may either be that work comes to you in predictable patterns with specific upticks of demand or that large projects occasionally overload your staff. In either case, the need for additional labor isn’t always consistent, which makes bringing in a new full-time employee a risky investment. Temp workers are brought in with transparent expectations and a mutually beneficial arrangement that allows you to adapt to fluctuations in your workload.

2. The Ability To Expand Services

Temporary legal staffing helps you expand both the quality and volume of your services. Specialists can open up new avenues to diversify your pool of clients, and additional support can help your existing staff perform with better efficiency. Spreading out the workload this way can also boost the morale of overworked staff.

3. Greater Career Opportunities And Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance and concurrent opportunities have both become a higher priority in the workforce. This is especially true for contract lawyers and compliance officers who specialize in fast-growing tech fields. Candidates with these high-value skills will often pursue job opportunities at larger tech companies rather than opt for an in-house position with a law firm or legal department. Contracting also affords them the chance to pursue multiple projects with different companies to attain valuable diversified work experience.

These considerations are only compounded by the increased demand for work-life balance, and many prospective employees see nontraditional work agreements and temp work as better financial and lifestyle alternatives. The writing on the wall is that flexible jobs are the future.

4. The Opportunity For An Evaluation Period

One of the more significant perks of bringing in temp workers as opposed to full-time employees is the window of evaluation that it provides. Both temp-to-hire arrangements and standard temp work provide a window of opportunity in which you can determine the fit of an employee and the quality of their work. If a temp worker stands out, there’s the option of extending a job offer. On the other hand, a temp worker who doesn’t perform to expectation or click with your work culture will no longer be a consideration at the end of their assignment.

So, if you’re convinced of the benefits of seeking temporary or temp-to-hire legal help, here are a few best practices for starting the hiring process:

• Use a platform for hiring. Professional labor marketplaces have seen breakthroughs thanks to advances in AI and data science, which is something my company is working on. These platforms provide on-demand access to thousands of vetted attorneys and even paralegals. Advanced matching systems provide instant feedback through data analytics to help you recruit top-tier talent that can quickly expand or contract based on your business needs. Look for platforms that utilize machine-learning algorithms, which means that matching accuracy and recommendations improve as you work together.

• Work with a temp firm. Temporary legal staffing services aren’t just online; brick-and-mortar temp firms are another vessel for short-term hiring. While local firms are typically not as accessible or advanced as online platforms in terms of artificial intelligence (AI) and data tech, they do have the benefit of a more personal hiring experience.

• Follow hiring best practices. Temp workers are hired with transparent expectations, which should be laid out from the beginning of a project. For your company to successfully work with a temp lawyer, plan exactly what you will need from them in advance. Having and communicating a clear plan will prevent future complications. A temporary legal professional will also need to obtain a basic understanding of the operational structure of the company and should be provided with contact resources for asking additional questions. An advisable first step is to assign the temp employee to go through training on company structure and operations.

• Manage expectations. Temporary employees may have different goals for their employment within the company, which can range from aspirations to join the company on a permanent level to a simple need to bring in some extra income. Understanding these aspirations in advance will help your company work with the temp on a mutually beneficial basis.

Despite the preponderance of spam, memes and cat videos, the internet is a wonderful resource. Among other things, it enables telework and geographically distributed (or “virtual”) teams. Activities that people once thought could be done only with all team members physically present, such as collaborating on documents, are now routinely handled with the help of tools such as online collaboration spaces and secure electronic document repositories. The future of work is already here.

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